Conquering Separation Anxiety Preschool

Separation anxiety is a disorder that supposedly occurs to children around the age of eight months to a couple of years. This situation often resolves itself when the child is assured that the parents or the object of its anxiety consistently returns. Separation anxiety in preschool can also occur to some children.

The main cause of separation anxiety in preschool is the appearance of several new faces in the child’s world like those of the teachers and classmates. The overwhelming sensation of new faces can undo even the most confident child. This coupled with the fact that the parent or parents who brought him over attempts to leave can trigger separation anxiety in most children. Separation anxiety in preschool age children is to be expected and should not be belittled by both parents and teachers.

Treating Preschool Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety treatment for children around early school age can be similar to treating the separation anxiety that occurred when the child was younger. Separation anxiety in preschool aged children is something that parents should deal with before the child even knows that he’s supposed to go to school. Parents can start by bringing the child around to the school that he is supposed to go to or any other school for a short look and see. As the child gets accustomed to seeing school children going to and from school, he might even want to go himself. Practicing separation for just a few periods of time can also help.

Getting over separation anxiety in preschool can also be done by introducing the child to the teacher handling hi class before the school starts. A nice play and get together session can inspire trust in the teacher and help the child get to know her better. Another way to help overcome separation anxiety in preschool is to always be there when the child comes out from school and to be a positive example when leaving the child. An encouraging parent is better than an angry one, when it comes to saying good bye.

Introducing your child to a lot of people can also help overcome separation anxiety during preschool. As your child gets more and more sociable, he will get used to the fact that there are a lot of people in his life and can readily accept the presence of newcomers. It may also help to time the introduction of school during a happy time. Bringing your child to school for the first time should be during a time when all is calm and relaxed. Set aside time to be visible to your child during the first day of class, even just for the good bye and the dismissal.