Do You Intend To Stop Anxiety Attacks?

Anxiety attacks can be debilitating. The physical and mental symptoms can impact your life in such a way that even basic living can become difficult. If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you want to stop them from every happening again.

In order to stop anxiety attacks, it can be helpful to see what the common causes of them are. Let’s take a look.

Causes Of Anxiety Attacks Which Nedd To Be Traced Out To Stop Anxiety Attacks

If you have an ancestor or relative who has anxiety attacks, you will be more likely to also have them. Or if you were raised in a home where you were taught that the world is a fearful place, you are more likely to have them. Also, studies show that those will a very passive style of communicating are also more prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Research continues to be done to identify factors.

Other physical conditions can also play a role. Hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, a vitamin B deficiency, and labyrinthitis are a few of these, as are obsessive compulsive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

If you introduce other chemicals into the body, it an trigger anxiety attacks. Drugs like Ritalin, anti-depressants, and all SSRI drugs have been known to cause anxiety attacks. Don’t just stop taking these, those – talk to your doctor to find a way to see if they are contributing to your anxiety attacks. Never change your dosage of a prescription drug on your own – only in consultation with your medical provider.

However, if you take nicotine (smoked, chewed), alcohol, or even caffeine (coffee, tea, energy drinks), these habits could be aggrevating your condition. Minimize their usage. Your anxiety attacks might stop, and your health will definitely improve.

Other mental issues can also contribute, like the loss of a spouse or significant life change, or phobias, or even previous attacks can make one more prone to future anxiety attacks. You may not stop these from being in your life, but you might be able to minimize their impact with therapy and time. Getting help with anxiety attacks may mean having therapy to deal with these issues.

How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

It used to be that the medical profession believed that anxiety attacks were “all in your head.” Unfortunately, this attitude let them believe there was nothing they could do, and the sufferer was totally out of luck on getting help.

Now, things are different. There are advanced treatments that can be used, like psychotherapy medication to stop anxiety attacks from occurring, and relaxation techniques to use during and after an anxiety attack stops. These can be very effective, and should be tried before giving up.