How To Deal With Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

If you or someone you know suffers from adult separation anxiety disorder, you should know that all hope isn’t lost. You merely have to work at coping with separation anxiety and this can be done by getting help from a qualified professional such as a therapist or a psychologist or psychiatrist. Adult separation anxiety disorder generally stems from being abandoned as a child. This happens with kids who were given up for adoption or who were left alone for long periods of time so much that it affected them and caused them anxiety because they thought nobody was coming back. Since they didn’t get help as children, the anxiety stayed with them and they now have adult separation anxiety disorder.

Symptoms Of Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

What are the symptoms of adult separation anxiety disorder? Well, adults that have adult separation anxiety disorder start exhibiting symptoms whenever they are left alone or whenever someone they trust goes away. The symptoms are a tightening of the chest, a rapid heartbeat, a feeling of panic, sometimes a panic attack follows, the room sometimes starts to spin, their face gets flushed and some exhibit more symptoms than that. Even if you just get really nervous, you could still have adult separation anxiety disorder, you just may have a mild form of the disorder. Getting help is as close as your nearest therapist’s office. You should, however, find a qualified professional who is skilled with dealing with adults with separation anxiety disorder so that you know they can help you specifically.

Finding Help For Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

You could open the phone book and you’d likely see many listings for therapists and doctors in your area. You could also do an internet search for therapists or doctors and you’d also get inundated with names and phone numbers. Call these doctors and therapists and ask if they have experience with adult separation anxiety disorder. When you finally find one that’s close to you that has experience with the disorder, make an appointment.

Therapy for adult separation anxiety disorder will take some time to show results but as long as you keep up with it and you are hopeful that you can find freedom from the disorder, you will once again be able to live your life normally. Just realize that you’re not alone. Many adults have separation anxiety disorder and this affects their lives just as it does yours. It’s only be seeking help and then receiving that help that you will be able to rid yourself of this disorder once and for all.