Separation Anxiety Treatment For School Age Children

Separation anxiety treatment comes in a lot of different forms and methods. The degree of the method used for separation anxiety treatment is dependent on how severe the case of separation anxiety is for the child. Separation anxiety is the occurrence of anxiety and fear on the part of the child when a parent leaves. The result can be a tantrum, tears and bouts of anxiety and fear on the part of the child. Clinging to the parent can occur as well as all forms of theatrics.

Parental Help In Separation Anxiety Treatment

The initial move for separation anxiety treatment is usually in the part of the parents. It is almost always the parent or the focus of the child’s separation anxiety that can help resolve the disorder. The child should be reassured when it is time for the adult to leave and the adult should also be calm, firm and collected when leaving. Peeping at the child or hesitating when leaving can trigger more bouts of crying as well as tantrums from the child and undermine the move for separation anxiety treatment. It is best to calmly assure the child of your return and just as firmly leave immediately.

Separation anxiety treatment can also come in the form of circumventing the anxiety. Children can be introduced to various adults to get him used to new faces and the experience of having a new person to associate with. It also helps to get the child familiar with a school and the general hullabaloo of a school. Circumventing separation anxiety can be the greatest separation anxiety treatment ever.

Separation anxiety in children can also be an effect of how their parents act. Anxious parents can affect their child since children can sense the moods of their parents without fully understanding them. The parent should be calm and self assured when dropping off the child and be in school before it is time for the child to be let out. A harassed and anxious parent can set the tome for a child. Separation anxiety treatment can also be in the form of keeping one’s word when it comes to the time of picking up the child.

Some forms of separation anxiety treatment are used for severe separation anxiety. Psychotherapy can be recommended for children who do not seem to improve in spite of the various separation anxiety treatments and allowances that the parents and teachers do. Medication is usually not recommended as separation anxiety treatment for children unless there is something really difficult to treat with them.