Stop Being Dependent On Taking Anxiety Attack Medication

Though there are a number of good reasons why some people that need to deal with anxiety attacks need to try out anxiety attack medications there are also a few serious issues that need to be understood before opting for this course of action. No doubt, an anxiety attack medication can provide immediate relief and this very feature tends to make a person also become dependent on their daily dose of anxiety attack medication, and what’s more, after a period of time it becomes hard to give up taking these medications.

Withdrawal Symptoms After Cutting Intake Of Anxiety Attack Medication

Once you have cut off your intake of an anxiety attack medication you will find that you will start to experience extremely stressful withdrawal symptoms and worse still, your anxiety attacks will return to bother you once more which will then force you into resuming your intake of anxiety attack medications.

People that have resorted to taking an anxiety attack medication or two over a prolonged period of time will tell you how difficult it is to break the habit of popping a pill each time a fresh attack of anxiety hits them. The most common type of anxiety attack medication that will be prescribed to you by your doctor is the SSRI which in layman’s terms is called an anti-depressant.

Often, even a single dose of an SSRI may not be strong enough to cure the anxiety attack and so patients resort to trying out different varieties till they are able to identify a particular anxiety attack medication that works for them. Then follows the familiar path of taking these medications for prolonged periods of time and in many cases these medications do not even provide the necessary level of relief but patients continue taking them because they don’t know of any better alternative.

And, if the patient then decides to stop taking the medications they have to then endure insufferable withdrawal symptoms such as feeling dizzy, excessively tired, being de-personalized as well as trembling and feeling numb. The only good news for those that have tried out various anxiety attack medications and who wish to stop is that others just like them are out there ready to suggest means by which it can help others get over the withdrawal symptoms and break free from their dependence on anxiety attack medications.

An anxiety disorder can be handled more effectively provided you are able to identify the exact causes of your distress. You also need to avoid becoming embarrassed by such disorders and instead must be ready and willing to take corrective action because such disorders can be treated and managed effectively – as long as you know the causes.