Treating Anxiety In Children

Psychologists often experience that it quite difficult treating anxiety in children. Often there could be a form of abuse at home that the child feels they shouldn’t be talking about, even to the psychologist in fear that they will be in trouble again. Thank goodness this is not always the case, as by law if there is any abuse happening at the home of the child it is the doctor’s duty to inform the relevant parties who can protect the children from further harm about the situation.

Treating anxiety in children can pose somewhat of a problem if the child is not old enough to talk or understand what is meant, information is not supposed to be injected in the child’s mind to get the answers out, but there are subtle other ways of getting the information out of the child. Often games are played when treating anxiety in children of this age group and if the child is also shy or reserved.

Treating Anxiety In Children: Find Out Children’s Greatest Fear

Luckily there are drugs used to treat anxiety. These are not always recommended for treating anxiety in children. It would be nice if we could just take the fear and anxiousness out of the child with a wave of a wand, but you would have to take them out of their day to day surroundings, and also give them loads and loads of love and enough attention so that they know they are not being discarded or abandoned.

If you could ask any tiny child what is their biggest anxiety, it would be the fear of losing their parents, never have you minded the hiding they might get for wetting the bed again. So when treating anxiety in children it is important to use a bit of reverse psychology on a regular basis to get them to do what is needed. However this is not the only way for treating anxiety in children. Pictures, games, dolls and other forms are only tools to get what information is needed out of the child, besides doing a physical health check on the child.

Love And Positive Nurturing Is Very Important While Treating Anxiety In Children

If you are treating anxiety in children you will find that this anxiety could be stemmed on or learnt from others in their day to day lives. It would be the case of monkey see, monkey do, and it is seen as normal to them. It is not usual, but at an early stage is difficult for them to overcome these fears on their own, but need to be loved and nurtured positively to overcome these problems on their own over time.