Ways Of Overcoming Social Anxiety When Attending Parties And Other Social Gatherings

A lot of people hesitate to attend parties and social gatherings because they are anxious that they will not fit in right away. Although it is normal to feel a little bit anxious about meeting new people, it is not normal to feel panicky every time someone suggests that you attend a party or social gathering. A sudden panic attack that won’t go away for several hours is not normal. Fortunately, there are easy ways of overcoming social anxiety without resorting to any of that drug based social anxiety medication. To help you fell more at east about socializing and attending social functions, here are some important things that you should remember.

Bring A Friend Along To The Social Gathering: It Helps In Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming social anxiety may not be as easy as we think it is. For many people, overcoming social anxiety is a big hurdle. If you are one of those people who have problems overcoming your social anxiety, you need to establish a strong support system. When you are invited to a party and you do not feel comfortable about the idea of going to the party all by yourself, ask your host if you can bring along a friend to the gathering. Remember that overcoming social anxiety is easier if you have someone with one. Most hosts allow their guests to bring along a date or a friend so you should not hesitate to ask your host about it.

Avoid Pre-party Anxiety

Many people worry themselves sick just thinking of what might happen during the party. If you are one of those people who are fond of playing hypothetical scenarios in your mind until you are worried sick that you are going to commit some terrible mistakes and embarrass yourself during the party, you better cut that kind of thinking right this minute. Nervous anticipation is a terrible thing and if you do not want to suffer from indigestion, you better stop thinking about what might happen during the party. Instead of thinking about a lot of terrible things that could happen during the party, take a more positive view of things. Remember that overcoming social anxiety starts with positive thinking.

Overcoming Social Anxiety: Don’t Drink Or Smoke During The Party

When you feel nervous during the party, do not turn to cigarettes or alcohol for comfort. According to experts, smoking and drinking will only make matters worst for you. Instead of drinking or smoking, you should find someone to talk to during the party. Start a conversation with the person next to you.