Are There Any Bipolar Children Symptoms?

You should know that yes, children can get bipolar disorder. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it is only an adult children, when this is actually not true at all. In fact, as more and more research is done, there are more children than ever before who are recognized as having bipolar children symptoms and who then end up being diagnosed with the condition.

It is always important to watch out for the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, whether you are dealing with adults or children, but in this case let’s discuss what the typical bipolar children symptoms are.

Few Of The Common Bipolar Children Symptoms

One of the bipolar children symptoms that you will probably notice first is sluggishness. We all know how excitable and hyper kids usually are, and so if you see that there is suddenly a slowdown and they are not as enthusiastic as normal, this may be one of the bipolar children symptoms telling you that there is a problem.

Another commonly experienced symptom is depression. Usually kids are pretty happy but if they suddenly take a turn for the worse and get very angry and upset over everything, they may be bipolar. Especially if you notice that in between the bouts of depression they are super happy and elated, then this is the key characteristic that describes the bipolar condition and which you are going to want to watch out for.

One of the most important things that you as a parent is going to have to remember is that even if your child does show bipolar children symptoms, and even if it turns out that they are suffering from the condition, you never want to single them out or make them feel as though they did something wrong. Children are very susceptible for feeling bad for things that aren’t their fault and so the last thing that you want to do is make them feel worse.

They are already going to have enough on their hands if they are diagnosed as being bipolar, so make sure that you are positive and are there to support them and help them find relief of their bipolar children symptoms.

Work together with your family doctor to make sure that your child gets the appropriate treatment and that they are able to live as normal a life as possible, this is really the main idea here and you want to get them feeling better.