It’s Not Easy To Live With Bipolar Disorder With Mania

Too Many Words Add Confusion In Bipolar Disoprder With Mania

All these words that people and doctors change to suite peoples needs to give a disorder a title so they know that they can either understand it or treat it or even cure it. This happens with so many disorders that have so many varieties that for easy classification, it is all put under one banner for less confusion. Continuous research is done to try and find a cure for the chemical imbalance in the brain, or bipolar disorder with mania, but so far it has not been discovered.

Too Many Blue Days If Suffering From Bipolar Disoprder With Mania

If you do suffer from a bipolar disorder with mania, you will definitely be having a lot more blue days than the sunny sky ones that you wish you could be having. It all begins with the state of mind, and your life may seem grim at the time, but if you just got off the couch or out the bed and actually just stood in the ray of sunshine you will feel immediately better. For how long you stay on your high is unknown, or until something else depresses you, until you can find another upper. Bipolar disorder with mania sufferers are on constant medication and most times have to be kept under a watchful eye continuously due to their negative train of thoughts regarding suicide.

Continuous Depressiveness Is Synonym Of Bipolar Disoprder With Mania

Bipolar mania depression is one and the same thing for manic depressive or continuous depressiveness. So many various words are used and the actual facts are lost in translation to the person who actually needs to find out if they do suffer from bipolar disorder with mania or if they are just another manic depressive case. The confusion may come in when bipolar is mentioned, as in bipolar manic depression, which separates these disorders totally. You can suffer from one or the other or even both; but medication is still important and would still have to be taken on a daily basis to help get through the day that you see as so grim and useless with your bipolar disorder with mania you suffer with..

Bipolar disorder with mania simply means that you will have more lows than the average manic depressant, but all is not lost. You can under extreme conditions be admitted to a psychological institute for continuous observation if your condition seems too much to bear for the person who normally keeps an eye out for you. It is not that you cannot do anything for yourself like an invalid, you are not even spontaneous, but you do radical and strange things that you would not normally do in your own day to day routine.