The Correlation Between Bipolar Depression Anxiety

It is no coincidence that bipolar depression self help books and articles recommend that those who have it endeavor to avoid stress wherever possible. There is definitely a link between the onset of an episode of bipolar depression and anxiety. However, it can be difficult to advise a bipolar depressive when it comes to what stressors to avoid. That’s because what causes anxiety for one individual may not have any impact on the next. Although medical professionals and researchers have identified a correlation between episodes of bipolar depression and anxiety it is ultimately up to each individual sufferer to indentify and avoid those things that make them feel anxious.

Some Uncertainty In Bipolar Depression Anxiety

Some medical researchers believe that one of the symptoms of bipolar depression is anxiety. Given the fact that many of those people who are going through a manic phase certainly display symptoms of restlessness and anxiety there is plenty of evidence to support this belief. Others argue that the bipolar depression and anxiety disorder are two distinct mental illnesses occurring simultaneously. Then there are those who think that stress, anxiety, family disputes and financial worried trigger the onset of an episode of either mania or depression. Regardless of which of these theories is closest to the truth there is definitely a correlation between stress and anxiety and bipolar depression. Therefore it is important for a person with the condition to avoid stress and worry if it is at all feasible.

Self Help To Avoid Bipolar Depression Anxiety

If you have bipolar depression avoid anxiety and situations that stress you out. Unfortunately that advice is very easy to give but rather difficult to follow. It could be argued that stress and anxiety are an unavoidable part of life. After all if it were easy to escape all stressful situations then everybody would do it. Therefore how can medical professionals reasonably expect a mentally ill individual with bipolar depression to avoid anxiety completely?

It may be impossible to avoid stress altogether, but one can at least try to circumvent such situations. Try to avoid overspending so that you can avoid worrying fiscal problems. If you sense that you are on the verge of an argument or dispute at work or at home simply walk away until you are able to calm down. Make time in your life for exercise since regular work outs can do a lot to eliminate feelings of anxiety and aggression. Devote a quiet area in your home to relaxation and meditation and make the time to unwind. Also bear in mind that feelings of anxiety can be eliminated when you have a strong support network to turn to for help or when you simply need to express your feelings.