The Signs And Symptoms Of Bipolar Manic Depression

Do you know what the celebrities Axl Rose, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sting, Linda Hamilton, Carrie Fisher, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Britney Spears have in common? Perhaps you can guess by the title of this article that all of these celebrities suffer from bipolar manic depression. The truth is that most of us have at least heard of bipolar manic depression. There was enough focus on the illness last year after Britney Spears was hospitalized when she was considered a threat to herself and other people. Most of us also have a vague idea of what bipolar manic depression is. However, only those of us who are unfortunate to have the condition have any concept of what living with it feels like.

Bipolar manic depression is a widespread mental illness and approximately three out of every one hundred people here in the United States has it. It is thought that many people who have bipolar disorder are not actually aware of it. Bipolar manic depression is a very dangerous mental illness because during a depressive phase people with this disorder may try to commit suicide. It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of this illness in order to determine if you or someone close to you may have it.

The Manic Phase Of Bipolar Manic Depression

The manic phase of bipolar disorder is characterized by an excess of physical, mental and creative energy. During this phase an individual feels capable of conquering the world and they wonder why those around them are unable to keep up. During phases of mania a person might not sleep at all. An increased appetite for food and the need to talk and move around almost constantly are also common symptoms of mania. Many people who have bipolar manic depression report that they enjoy the increase in energy and creativity that comes with a period of mania.

In more extreme cases the manic phase can include visual and aural hallucinations. For instance people have reported seeing angels and magical beings. Another symptom of extreme mania is delusions of grandeur where an individual may see themselves as being somehow different and better than others or think that they have some kind of special mission. These phases of mania can last weeks or even months.

The Depressive Phase Of Bipolar Manic Depression

While people who suffer from bipolar manic depression may enjoy the periods of mania they despise the depressive phases. These periods of depression can make an individual feel that life is no longer worth living. During these depressions the individual may feel worthless and suffer from severe lack of self confidence. They may lack energy and motivation, sleep a lot and even take naps during the day. The depression also involves ceasing to get any enjoyment from life and not caring at all about others. Thoughts of death and suicide are very common during these episodes of depression.

Getting Help And Get Out Of Bipolar Manic Depression

Do recognize any of these symptoms in yourself? If so you may well have the illness. If you are ill then bipolar depression treatment and intervention are required. Bipolar manic depression is a lifelong and recurring illness that tends to get worse over time if left untreated. Therefore people who suspect that they may have this illness need to make an appointment with their health care provider or a psychiatrist in order to be evaluated.