Delving Into What Is Manic Depression

Manic depression is also called bipolar affective disorder and is a mental condition where the individual experiences mania and depression consistently in his daily life. Usually, the bouts of mania and depression occur separately within hours or days of each other during times of stress. Many wonder, what is manic depression and what causes it? The answer to what is manic depression is that it is a state of mind wherein a person may alternate from mania and depression to an extent that it interferes with how this individual functions in society.

What Is Manic Depression Causes

There are no absolute answers to what causes this mental condition but there have been studies that show it may be genetic for most sufferers. Those who wish to know what manic depression is and what causes it may well look into their family tree for answers.

Manic depression disorder can also be caused by the influence of environmental factors as the individual is growing up or stress from events in one’s life. Emotional trauma and some eventful instances can contribute to what is manic depression, for many people. On the other hand, the way that our brain process work or are attached to each other can also be the cause of what is manic depression. This may be influenced by the way that our brain developed while we were children or in the womb as well as some brain trauma.

Signs Of Manic Depression

There are many different signs of this mental condition. In most cases, individuals with manic depression alternate from mania and depression in as little as a few hours or as long as a few days while others may not have bouts of this condition for weeks. The condition may not be initially noticeable and can be seen as hyperactivity or just exhaustion. The condition is easy to see when the person has bouts of both moods at the same time.

What Is Manic Depression Treatment?

Treatment for manic depression, otherwise known as bipolar disorder, is most likely session with a trained professional integrated with some medication recommended by the same professional or trained doctor. Alternative treatment for this mental condition is also available although many people prefer medication to his basically unproven alternative.

What is manic depression alternative treatment? Alternative treatment for this condition can be the ingestion of herbs that can positively affect the condition. Some herbs calm a person while other herbs lift the spirit and elevate depressed moods.