Fighting Depression

Depression affects millions of people world-wide , in fact, this affliction can be experienced by even young people today due to a stressful lifestyle. When depression sets in, people’s lives are affected since they stop doing their normal routines. There are many factors that contribute to depression such as death of a loved one, sudden changes in one’s life, mood-altering drugs, giving birth, or even seasonal changes.

A change in sleeping or eating habits comes along with depression as well as withdrawing from social interaction. Depressed people spend most of their time being alone and prefer not to be talk about their feelings even to their loved ones. Sadly, severe depression when unchecked can lead to suicide as revealed by most studies on this topic. It is important then to fight depression as much as possible so a person can resume a normal and happy lifestyle. There are many ways of fighting depression aside from taking anti-depressants. Although once is advised to consult a mental health professional to avail of medication and other treatment such as psychotherapy.

Nevertheless, one can fight depression by adopting some of these habits that would surely help in enhancing your mood. First suggestion, get a good night’s rest. Sleeping relaxes the body and mind thereby reducing tension. One can get a good night sleep through scented candles or listening to calming music. It is also beneficial to have a 15-20 minute naptime that can refresh one’s energy for the second half of the day.

Next to having enough rest is to manage stress. Loud noise can also contribute to stress so listen to music in low volume. Meditation or prayer can help clear anxiety so one could get peaceful sleep. Inner noise such as worry, guilt, fear and other negative thoughts contribute to depression. Fighting depression also means having a more positive mindset. One can try reading inspirational books, or watching good movies that can be encouraging. Exercising regularly can also help fight depression since oxygen is fed into our brain when we exercise.

Running outdoors gives a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. Also, exposure to sunlight means additional lighting that can beat the blues instead of sulking in a dark room. Along with exercise, drinking enough water and eating healthy food can nourish the body so it can build a stronger immune system to fight disease during depression. Fighting depression is not hard, it is a matter of determination.