Manic Depression Medication: Learn What Your Options Are

Manic depression is also known as bipolar disorder, and is a very common condition. Even though it is very common, it is misunderstood on the whole. People who are manic depressive have mood swings, and go from feeling super elated and happy to completely depressed. Manic depressive illnesses can affect both men and women, and sometimes even children.

The first step, a warning sign that will tell you when you are suffering from manic depression is if you have a manic episode. This can refer to a number of things, but more than anything a manic episode is diagnosed if an elevated mood occurs with three or more other symptoms most of the day or nearly every day.

Manic Depression Treatment

If you go to your doctor and they diagnose you with manic depression, treatment is going to be the next step. This is important, and you want to work towards finding a treatment as soon as you can. Fortunately there are a few different effective options when it comes to manic depression medication, and it just comes down to making sure that you choose the right one.

One manic depression medication that you may be interested in is Adapin. This is one of the first manic depression medication products that your doctor will probably suggest you take. Side effects may include drowsiness, dryness of mouth, headache, increased appetite, and tiredness or weakness.

Another manic depression medication that has proven to work very effectively is Celexa. This manic depression medication tends to cause side effects such as abdominal pain, anxiety, diarrhea, loss of appetite, stuffy or runny nose, burning, tingling, prickly feelings on skin, trembling or shaking, and tiredness or weakness, and often vomiting as well.

Depression anxiety medication can work successfully for you, but there are other things that you can do as well to stay positive and try to live as normally as you can. Just remember, never start on or stop taking any medication without your doctor’s advice. This can be very dangerous, so be careful and make sure that you take your medication as prescribed by your doctor.

One of the most important things that people taking depression medication or medication of any sort for that matter need to know is that it is important to give medication time to work. You simply cannot expect a medication to be able to work right away, and in fact most medications take up to six weeks to offer full results.