Healing Meditation As An Alternative Approach To Battling Diseases

Worldwide, millions of people suffer from a range of sickness that range from colds, flu to the more severe complications and infections caused by bacteria or virus. Pollution and a stressful lifestyle greatly contributes to the prevalence of more complicated diseases that plagues modern man. Most common nowadays, more complications arise from new types of diseases that doctors find puzzling since they determine what caused such illness. While people may have resorted to taking medicines as well as health supplements, these are not enough to combat the illness. Medicines and other synthetic drugs also have risks since they can strain the body too with its artificial ingredients.

Healing meditation is a type of meditation that assists in increasing the health of people. Healing meditation can relax people that are anxious or nervous since it clears the mind of negative thoughts and emotions. Negative emotions are viewed by eastern medicine as elements that contribute to sickness.

Historically, scholars trace the practice of healing meditation from Tibetan monks. It has long been known that Tibetan people are attached to the earth and utilize its medicinal benefits through herbal plants. Aside from herbal medicines, they also specialize in meditation which not calms the body but also heal as well. In fact, Tibetan Buddhists developed healing meditation that when effectively used, can help people cope with less pain even with terminal illness such as cancer.

Healing meditation begins with a relaxed state of being in a quiet space. One begins with a comfortable seating posture and slowly clears the thoughts of bad thoughts as mantra words are uttered. Once a person has began with proper breathing, he can utter a mantra and focus his thoughts on a visualization such as objects in nature. The visualized light can be thought of as a healing ray that heals the sick parts of the body.

There are many available healing meditation music as well as visual images available online. Most of them have guided instructions and relaxing voice-overs that help you focus on an image of your choice. Indeed, healing meditation is easy and provides a natural way of supporting your body overcome illness.