Meditating While Walking Works Well

Most of the meditation techniques from well known disciplines such as Chinese, Transcendental Meditation and Tibetan are already being practiced by millions of followers worldwideare performed while. Normally, common meditation is practiced while sitting comfortably in an upright manner. Interestingly, a new method called walking meditation is interesting for its different approach.

Meditation by walking is also focusing one’s thoughts but instead of using images, one shifts the focus to the walking experience itself. For a person to meditate while walking, it needs balance of focus and mindfulness since the eyes are open. In contrast to a sitting meditation where eyes are closed when visualizing. A walking meditation demands our full attention since our lower limbs are engaged in this activity.

A walking meditation begins with selecting a path preferably one that is connected to nature such as a forest or park that can enhance the activity. Too many distractions like people should be avoided which is why a quite place is essential for this type of meditation. In typical meditation a person is seated ,while in walking meditation the person must have presence of mind since its possible to trip over a rock. According to people who practice walking meditation, this makes their sense heightened since they cannot fall asleep or make the thoughts wonder lest their feet make them stumble .The mind must direct the body where it should go yet the consciousness is focused on the feet.A more detailed aspect of walking meditation such as noticing the lifting and landing of the foot on surfaces are explained by walking meditation books available online. Usually, some instructional materials have sample music which can be used for this meditation that can enhance focus .