The Unique Features Of Tibetan Meditation

Ever since meditation became a beneficial method of calming the mind for millions of people worldwide, numerous literature and materials about meditation flood bookstores today. Individuals starting to learn meditation would highly benefit from understanding the unique features of Tibetan meditation.

Several varieties of meditation exists worldwide based on the religion and culture where it originated such as China, India or Tibet. The Tibetan meditation or Tibetan Chi Kung is actually part of yoga and martial arts practiced by people from Tibet’s remote places. Meditation is a well-accepted form of stress management technique which has become popular. Tibetan meditation share its similarities with Chinese method when it comes to getting rid of blockages in some major organs of the body such as heart, liver, kidney and spleen. Aside from this, Tibetan meditation is not just about meditation but also spiritual reconnection to higher beings as believed by the monks.

The concepts behind Tibetan meditation is predominantly Buddhist philosophy that believes in the power of meditation in achieving Nirvana or ultimate peace. Truly, meditation is not just a simple form of stress management technique. Tibetan meditation is basically a way of attaining a spiritual plane that Buddhists desire. Therefore, Tibetan meditation is unique since its practice encompass mind, body and soul as well.

The proper way of beginning with Tibetan meditation is by seeking a quite place where you can’t be disturbed by other people or loud noises. It is recommended to start meditating in the morning before you begin a stressful day ahead. Begin with a comfortable sitting position making sure that you sit upright. The thumbs should be located just a few inches below the navel and they should touch each other. Meditate on visual images such as natural landscape so you can focus your thoughts. Do this step for at least 10 minutes and see the heightened awareness you have gained.

Constant practice of Tibetan meditation enables a person to become more aware of the surrounding as well as introspective. One good option to do this properly is by seeking for local Tibetan Buddhists that teach this type of meditation.