The Pain And Reality Of Depression: Major Depression Symptoms

When it comes to depression many individuals wish to work through their condition or not let on that something is terribly wrong inside of them. However, depression doesn’t just affect the individual, but those around. Therefore, the individual should seek help not only for themselves, but to ease the pain of those that suffer with them.

In addition, it is important for individuals who suffer from depression to realize that they do not have to hide this condition nor think that they are suffering alone. In fact it is estimated that millions of individuals suffer from some form of depression or another.

Therefore it is important to know what depression is and some of the major depression symptoms that an individual can exhibit.

What Is Major Depression?

Depression is a debilitating disorder that affects millions of people and can prevent them from functioning normally during an episodic event. This is because some of the major depression symptoms completely incapacitate the individual and prevent them from leading a normal life.

Specifically, when major depression hits, the individual can basically shut down and withdraw into themselves. This in turn not only affects the individual, but can have a devastating effect on family members and friends.

In addition when it comes to depression there are generally three categories into which a depressed individual will fall. Those three categories are dysthymic disorder, manic depression or bipolar disorder and major depression. Major depression or clinical depression, is the most severe depressive condition of the three.

Generally, major depression is triggered by one severe or highly traumatic event in the individual’s life or maybe due to a number of accumulated events over a period of time. Additionally, this condition may also happen once in a person’s life or maybe a continuing part of the individual’s persona. In this event the depression is known as recurrent depression.

Also, major depression has a financial impact. This is due to the individual’s time lost from the workplace, effect on the finances of family members, loss of productivity in the workplace, medical intervention, etc.

Major Depression Symptoms Exhibited

Major depression is a severe form of depression and therefore the corresponding major depression symptoms are equally severe. The worst major depression symptom that can be experienced is that the individual will host suicidal thoughts.

In addition, other major depression symptoms that are exhibited include crying for no apparent reason, insomnia, weight loss or gain, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, no sexual drive, etc.