What Are The Basic Manic Depression Symptoms?

If you think you or someone you know may be exhibiting manic depression symptoms then you need to read on to verify this suspicion. Manic depression symptoms are very different from the other kinds of depressions. If you or someone you know is exhibiting the following manic depression symptoms get medical help right away.

The Basic Manic Depression Symptoms

Again these are not clinical or anxiety depression symptoms, but rather specifically just manic depression symptoms. A manic depressive will display the symptoms of a clinically depressed person in addition to some other things. These more intense and dangerous manic depression symptoms require specific treatment and it is imperative that if you or someone you know has any of these symptoms that you get yourself checked out and get help.

Many of the more common manic depression symptoms include behavior that is erratic and unpredictable. This can include inappropriate elation, which simply means getting happy for no reason at all and at weird times. In addition to this happy feeling, the same kind of erratic behavior and emotion can apply to anger as well. A manic depressive will seemingly get angry at nothing and for no reason at all. The level of rage that a person feels at these simple things will be completely out of proportion to what is normal. A manic depressive is also generally incredibly irritable and will get irritated and react violently to simple normal things.

Another major manic depression symptom is delusional or grandiose notions that can include believing that one has super powers or extreme importance. This feeling may not be as outwards, but if it is it is a sure sign that you may be dealing with a true manic depressive.

In addition a manic depressive will have disconnected and racing thoughts that can manifest themselves with increased talking speed or volume. These thoughts will seemingly be completely unconnected and random, but to the manic depressive they make perfect sense. Accompanying this will be a marked increase in overall energy. As you can see if you are familiar with clinical depression this is a radical shift from what they go through.

All of this comes together so that a manic depressive in general will make very poor decisions when it comes to basic things. They have a hard time keeping a handle on what reality is and separating their grand delusions from what is actually going on around them. There is treatment that can help them and many manic depressives have gone on to lead completely normal lives.